DIMO Mobile v1.14 Now Available

May 15, 2024

DIMO Mobile v1.14 Now Available
DIMO Mobile v1.14 is now available on Apple & Android devices, and brings a new Garage tab, 3D maps, Marketplace categories, and localization.

Today, the latest update for DIMO Mobile was pushed to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices.

DIMO Mobile version 1.14 brings a host of new features, design updates, and quality-of-life improvements that we’re excited to share with the DIMO community.


Multi-Vehicle Visualization

Say goodbye to the Fleet tab, and say hello to your Garage. Now anyone with multiple connected cars will see them all in one place, visualized together on a map display. At a quick glance, users can observe all their vehicles and tap on individual automobiles for expanded insights.

3D Maps

No you don’t have 3D glasses on, that’s just the totally revamped three-dimensional maps embedded everywhere throughout DIMO Mobile. The new style, powered by Mapbox, adds depth and textures to make it feel like you’re looking at a realtime 3D model of the surrounding world. Rotate around buildings, snap to north, and export latitude & longitude with the refreshed interface.



With the latest update, navigation in the DIMO Marketplace is simpler than ever. Every service provider has now been organized by the type of service they offer, and broken down into categories. With a single tap, users can navigate right to the relevant listing and receive the auto care their vehicle requires.


DIMO aims to be a global baselayer for vehicle data, so catering to different countries and regions is absolutely integral. That’s why regionalization of the DIMO Marketplace is a huge step towards tailoring the user experience to any driver, regardless of their localization. Tapping the region drop-down menu in the Marketplace will display all the supported regions, and personalize the service providers to serve up the most relevant options.

Additionally, users can now suggest a vendor that they think should be added to the Marketplace as a service provider. If you know a platform, app, or vendor that you think would be perfect for DIMO drivers, we want to hear from you! 

DriveDIMO is committed constantly improving the mobile app experience for drivers, and extra thanks goes out to all the beta testers that provided valuable feedback on the new features. To access the latest version of the app, be sure to head to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to begin the update.