PrivateAuto Now Available in the DIMO Marketplace

May 23, 2024

PrivateAuto Now Available in the DIMO Marketplace

Selling Your Car Just Got Smarter (and More Rewarding)

DIMO and PrivateAuto are partnering to offer free private-party listings ($25 value) directly from the DIMO Marketplace for US-based users. This partnership will simplify the listing process for drivers on the network by passing required vehicle information directly to the PrivateAuto platform.

Private-party transactions offer the best chance for owners to get the fairest price for their vehicle as it cuts out middlemen like dealerships. By equipping individuals with the tools traditionally reserved for dealerships, PrivateAuto streamlines the selling process from start to finish. From listing to valuation, PrivateAuto offers a seamless online selling & buying experience, eliminating many points of friction typically experienced with private-party transactions.

DIMO users are able to:

  • Instantly see the value of their car by comparing dealership trade-in offers with private party rates.
  • Save $25 on the listing fee and list a car for FREE.
  • Pay and get paid in crypto! PrivateAuto enables full or partial payments in cryptocurrency.
  • Earn $75 worth of DIMO Rewards when a car is sold.

Listing on PrivateAuto

Accessing PrivateAuto via the DIMO Mobile App

Open DIMO Mobile and navigate to the Marketplace section where you will find the PrivateAuto listing. Simply tap the “Check Your Car’s Value” button, and thanks to DIMO's integration with PrivateAuto, your car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) will be passed to the platform allowing you to see the value of any vehicle.

Reviewing Selling Rates

In seconds, PrivateAuto will display various price point references for your car. This gives insights into how much you could potentially earn through different selling channels, including dealer trade-ins versus selling directly to a private party. This comparison empowers drivers to make an informed decision about the best option for selling a vehicle.

Private-Party Transactions, The Personal Touch

Private-party transactions enable a direct interaction between seller and buyer without any intermediaries. This typically enables the seller to sell their car closer to retail value. Historically, this approach has required the most effort and time for the seller, and lacked many of the tools necessary for a clean & safe financial transaction.

Dealer Sales, Efficiency at a Price

Turning to dealerships offers a streamlined selling experience, with dealers handling all the paperwork and expediting the transaction within a matter of days. Yet, convenience comes at a cost – dealers need to make a profit, resulting in sellers being offered a lower selling price compared to private-party transactions.

Instant Cash Offers (ICOs), Speedy Transactions with a Trade-off

For those seeking a quick sale, ICOs present an attractive option. With offers generated by algorithms and backed by lenders, sellers can swiftly monetize their vehicles by presenting the offer to affiliated dealers. However, it's important to note that the expediency of ICOs often comes with a trade-off – sellers may receive the lowest selling price due to the profit margins required by both the lender and the dealer.

Setting Up Your PrivateAuto Account

Next, it's time to set up your PrivateAuto account. All you need to do is verify your email, phone number, ID, and payment method.

Completing Your Listing

With your identity verified, you're now ready to finalize your listing. Fortunately, thanks to the seamless integration with DIMO, much of the legwork is already done for you. Your listing is halfway completed, with essential details about your car's make and model pre-populated. Double-check that all details are accurate and comprehensive, as this will attract potential buyers and streamline the selling process. Once satisfied, hit the Activate button, and your listing will go live on PrivateAuto's platform.

Waiving the Fee

One of the perks of utilizing PrivateAuto through DIMO Mobile is the waived fee for listing your vehicle. You can enjoy the benefits of PrivateAuto's comprehensive selling tools and platform FREE of charge!

With your listing submitted, it's time to sit back and let PrivateAuto work its magic. As inquiries and offers start rolling in, you can manage your listing and communication with buyers directly through the PrivateAuto platform, making the selling process smooth and hassle-free. Once your car sells, PrivateAuto takes a $150 commission, a relatively inexpensive fee when compared to the percent of sale fees that many other sites impose.

Following the above steps, it’s effortless to leverage PrivateAuto via DIMO Mobile to list your car for sale. With the integration of these two platforms, selling your car has never been easier or more convenient.

Coming Soon

In the future, DIMO will also incentivize car owners with $DIMO tokens to share their Vehicle Usage Report with potential buyers to increase trust and transparency in the transaction. Earn DIMO rewards while increasing your chances of selling your car for more!