Selling a Car? Carousell Saves you Time and Money

January 19, 2024

Selling a Car? Carousell Saves you Time and Money

It begins with their bespoke Vehicle Genius Report. With it, you’ll have a complete grasp on: Insurance, Maintenance History, Fuel Costs, Safety Recalls, Lease/Loan Analysis, Current Market Value(s).

Users with DIMO data can also opt in to sharing a summary of their data with their Carousell Consultant, as well as future plans for vehicle purchases - allowing them to produce more accurate recommendations on next steps as market conditions change. 

Once onboarded, your Carousell concierge can handle all of their vehicle needs. This incorporates all of the latest tax credits, trade-in strategies, and market dynamics into recommendations, and includes any combination of Buying, Selling, Lease Buyout, and Refinance, and trade-ins. 

The best part? Because Carousell is a DIMO-certified marketplace app any of the commissions generated from transactions are added to the user’s account in $DIMO rewards - like an airline loyalty point for your car.