AutoPi Returns to Original Price

May 01, 2024

AutoPi Returns to Original Price

The price of the DIMO AutoPi is returning to its original MSRP of $349. 

When the DIMO AutoPi hardware device launched in 2022, it marked a huge milestone in decentralized digital mobility. It increased accessibility to the DIMO Network by expanding compatibility and allowed cars without a native application to connect. 

For a time, DriveDIMO made the decision to lower the AutoPi’s price point to $299. This was important to lower the barrier of entry for newcomers, and to offer an advanced OBD2 reader that was less expensive than some other alternatives on the market. 

Unfortunately, the cost of parts & components used to build the AutoPi have steadily increased, and the product’s pricing needs to be raised to match market dynamics. 

On May 15th, the price of the DIMO AutoPi will return to its original MSRP of $349. 

The AutoPi offers greater rewards, LTE connectivity, and modularity thanks to a Raspberry Pi under the hood, but check out the DIMO Macaron if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to getting a vehicle connected to the network. 

Additional inventory is finally finished being manufactured, and we’re excited to share that Macaron & AutoPi preorders are beginning to ship this week.

To give drivers a last chance to grab an AutoPi at a discount, the $299 price point will remain in effect for the next two weeks before raising to $349 on May 15th.

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