dimo for fleets

You're paying too much for fleet management

DIMO does the job of your current fleet management provider with less overhead. Plus, you’ll earn rewards and save money on every vehicle in your fleet.

open hardware + software

A flexible data platform for every fleet

We’ll help you choose the hardware and software that works best for your business. Different providers work together on the open DIMO Network, so you can build a custom solution.
  • All the tools you need for total control no matter how many cars are on the road.
  • Extract and visualize the data that matters most to you or your business with AutoPi for fleets.
  • View all your data, monitor your fleet status and assign tasks with GoNext Fleet.
data driven maintenance solutions

Put maintenance on autopilot

Making sure your vehicles are safe and reliable is a full time job. Our fleet solutions improve solving for maintenance for every type of fleet.

  • Check any vehicle’s error codes
  • Get alerts on vehicle health of your fleet
  • Use GPS to identify fleet locations
  • Connect to a growing network of integrated service partners
digital twin

Every vehicle has a valuable history

DIMO creates a digital twin for your fleet vehicles containing historical data and analytics. Plus with virtual glovebox, there’s no need to have stacks of documents for your fleet.

It’s easy to get started

Your car's app

Your car's app


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