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Use your car's app

Use your car's app

If you pay for your car app's subscription, you can connect to DIMO without a device
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DIMO Macaron

A bite-sized device that connects via the cost effective Helium IoT Network
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A powerful device that connects via cellular for real-time data every second
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Use your car's app 4G
DIMO Macaron $99.00 Helium IOT Network with Bluetooth
DIMO AutoPi $349.00 4G
GPS Tracking
Use your car's app Only when driving
DIMO Macaron $99.00 Tracks constantly, even when off
DIMO AutoPi $349.00 Only when driving
Weekly Rewards
Use your car's app 4x Tesla, 1x all others
DIMO Macaron $99.00 2x
DIMO AutoPi $349.00 6x
Error Code Scanning
Use your car's app  no
DIMO Macaron $99.00  yes
DIMO AutoPi $349.00  yes
Battery Level
Use your car's app Monitors while driving
DIMO Macaron $99.00 Monitors only when car is parked
DIMO AutoPi $349.00 Monitors while driving
DIMO Marketplace
Use your car's app  yes
DIMO Macaron $99.00  yes
DIMO AutoPi $349.00  yes
Vehicle Valuation
Use your car's app  yes
DIMO Macaron $99.00  yes
DIMO AutoPi $349.00  yes
Accessory Ports
Use your car's app N/A
DIMO Macaron $99.00 None
DIMO AutoPi $349.00 USB, Ethernet