Answers to our most frequently asked questions

  • Drivers earn weekly rewards just for staying connecting to the DIMO Network. Ensure your car is qualified for that week’s rewards by driving at least once a week. Maximize your rewards by using the Marketplace or by sharing your referral code with friends. You’ll earn 50 $DIMO for each friend you refer.

  • Most cars manufactured in 2008 or later will be compatible. We support connectivity in the US, Canada, most of Europe, and Türkiye.

  • DIMO devices are very efficient. After you stop driving, the device enters a low-power sleep mode and consumes very little power. However, any extra device in your car does exert a tiny battery drain and in rare cases if you leave your car for long periods of time without driving, you may need a jump.

    More on the Macaron battery

  • Start by downloading the app and following the prompts to set up your account. Then, bring your DIMO device and phone to your car and follow the simple instructions here:
    Install AutoPi Install Macaron

  • Most drivers with a connected vehicle subscription can connect to DIMO for free either through connecting with Smartcar or with Tesla. Check compatability

  • Most cars connected to DIMO have dozens of data points live, but some cars won't see much data to start. We are working constantly to add more data for every vehicle. It may take a while for certain cars to see more data, and for that we appreciate your patience.

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