Earn weekly rewards just for driving your car

DIMO is like having airline miles for your car. You earn weekly rewards, plus bonuses for the services you’re spending money on anyway. Have an app for your car? You can likely connect for free.

Connect for free

Car companies use your data,
you should too

Connected car data is valued in the billions. But the profits are never shared. Until now.

Earn rewards every week you’re connected to the DIMO Network. Plus, use your data to receive personalized offers and bonus rewards on maintenance, insurance, and more everyday car expenses.

All your cars in one app

One app for your entire family—or fleet. Connect all your eligible vehicles to DIMO and track locations via the interactive map.

How much can you earn?

Your earnings depend on a few factors, like how you connect to DIMO and for how long you’ve been connected. Check out the example below.

Liam's earnings

543 $DIMO

*The average DIMO driver earns $1,250 in annual savings and rewards

1X weekly rewards for 4 months with Fordpass
1 Referral
Purchases made through the Marketplace

Access an open network
of apps and services

DIMO is open and decentralized, so you'll have access to a wide network of integrated services. Say goodbye to siloed platforms and hello to a seamless experience where apps talk to each other and share information safely.
  • repairs Book service
with RepairPal
    Schedule service from the DIMO Mobile app and get 20% back
    + 20% $DIMO
  • ev charging Charge your EV with Bluedot
    Find the nearest EV charging stations and earn cash back
    + $25 in rewards
  • financing Sign up with Caribou
    Save an average of $100/month on your car financing payments
    + 20% $DIMO
  • eco impact Give back
    Donate your $DIMO to offset your Carbon footprint
    Donate $DIMO

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