• DIMO Macaron
  • DIMO Macaron
  • DIMO Macaron
  • DIMO Macaron

DIMO Macaron

A bite-sized activity tracker and digital companion for your car.

  • Track your car’s health & GPS location
  • Earn weekly rewards just for driving
  • Get exclusive discounts in the DIMO Marketplace
  • Uses the Helium IOT Network and Bluetooth Check coverage
  • Works with vehicles 2008 and up, excluding Tesla
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  • 3 years connectivity included


Backordered. Estimated ship date 2-3 weeks.

    Check your car’s overall health

    Use real-time diagnostics to decode error codes, monitor battery health, track fuel level, and more.

    Track your car’s location

    Always know where you parked with DIMO’s secure GPS location tracking.

    Earn weekly rewards

    Get rewarded just for driving your car. Earn faster by using the DIMO Marketplace or sharing with friends.

    Simply plug it in to transform any car into a smart car 

    Car companies are hiding key data from you. Gain access to what’s going on under the hood with the DIMO Macaron. Understand your car like never before with real-time metrics like battery health, error code scanning, GPS location, and more.


    in rewards earned by drivers on DIMO

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    Get rewarded just for driving

    The connected car data industry is valued in the billions. But drivers’ access is locked behind outdated apps, and the profits are never shared. Until now.

Earn Rewards every week you’re connected to the DIMO Network. Plus, use your data to receive personalized offers and bonus Rewards on maintenance, insurance, and more everyday car expenses.

    Tech Specs

    Works with all vehicles 2008 and newer

    Connectivity included

    Processor nRF52840 32-bit, 64MHz Arm® CortexTM-M4F CPU
    Battery N/A
    Connectivity SX1262 LoRa transceiver, BLE, CAN (OBDII)
    Memory 128MB flash and 256kB RAM on chip
    Accelerometer 3-Axis + Gyroscope
    Bluetooth v5.0/BLE
    Display 3x LED for PWR CONNECT and Bluetooth
    Internal Voltage 3.3V
    Input Voltage 5-50V
    Connectors USB 2.0
    Low Power Mode 2uA
    Power-on Current 200mA
    Antennas External U.FL antenna (902-928MHz for US, 868MHz for Europe). Internal optional.
    Materials ABS
    Mechanical Characteristics Clamshell injected molded device

    Order your Macaron today to start getting more from your car